User Agreement

Last update: Nov 26, 2022
In this User Agreement, “User” means the user who intends to download, install, and use Whitehat VPN operated by “High Speed Rabbit Limited”.

User’s consent to the validity of this online term shall be deemed as reading and acceptance of this agreement, and shall be construed as User’s consent to be bound by all term of this agreement, which shall be legally binding on user.

If you want to use Whitehat VPN operated by "High Speed Rabbit Limited", ensure that you are over 16 years of age.

These terms will come into effect after the user download and use Whitehat VPN.

Article 1 Service Introduction and this Agreement shall apply

1-1 Whitehat VPN is a complete VPN application service installed on your device. It allows you to proxy Internet traffic through different countries/regions, so you appear to be browsing from those countries/regions.

Whitehat VPN is provided free of charge in exchange for permission to use your Internet connection when available. Whitehat VPN works with more than 10,000 clients, such as major banks, universities, social networks, e-commerce sites, and many brands you recognize. Whitehat VPN enables these qualified customers to sometimes use the user's Internet connections to collect network statistics, price comparisons, and other validated business processes. You can opt out by uninstalling the service from your device. 

1-2 User's download, installation and use shall be deemed as reading and acceptance of this Agreement, and shall be construed as User's agreement to be bound by all terms of this Agreement.

1-3 The contents of this agreement shall be an integral part of and have the same legal effect as the various rules of the Privacy Policy issued by “High Speed Rabbit Limited” (hereinafter referred to as the Company). This Agreement may be updated by the Company and notified to the User at any time. If the user does not accept the updated terms after the Company updates the terms of this Agreement, please immediately stop using the software and related services provided by the Company. If the user continues to use the Software and related services provided by the Company, he/she will be deemed to have accepted the updated terms of this Agreement.

Article 2 User assurance

2-1 The User commit and assure that it is an adult, legal person, entity or organization with full capacity for civil conduct and civil rights. The person with limited capacity shall read this Agreement in the company of the legal agent and obtain the consent of the legal agent for all contents of this Agreement and all acts of the person with limited capacity to accept services under this agreement; A person without capacity shall not accept any services provided by this agreement unless represented by a legal agent according to law. Unless the user accepts all terms of this Agreement, the user has no right to download, install or use the Software and related Services.

In addition: If the company confirms that the user is a minor, the Company shall have the right to take restrictive measures

Article 3 Intellectual Property Declaration

3-1 This software is provided by our company. All copyright, trademark right, patent right, trade secret and other intellectual property rights of the software, and all information content related to the software, including but not limited to: Words and their combination, ICONS, figure, interface design, layout, graphics, color, frame, relevant data, printing materials, or electronic document. All of them are protected by English trademark law, patent law and relevant international treaties and other intellectual property laws and regulations. Besides involving authorized by a third party software or technology, the company has the intellectual property rights.

3-2 Without the prior consent of the Company, the User shall not implement, utilize, transfer or permit any third party to implement, utilize or transfer the above intellectual property rights for any profit or non-profit purpose. The Company reserves the right to investigate the legal liability for the above unauthorized acts.

3-3 User may install, use, display and run one copy of the Software on a single terminal device under accepting with this Agreement and the Privacy Policy published by the Company and the rules already published or may be published/updated in the future. The user shall not copy, modify, run or create any derivative works of the Software or the data released into the memory of any computer terminal during the software is operating or the interaction data between the client and server during the software is operating, including but not limited to using plug-ins or unauthorized third-party tools/services not provided by the Company to access the software and related systems.

3-4 Reserved Rights: All other rights not expressly authorized to the user in this Agreement shall remain with the Company.

3-5 Content Ownership: All contents, such as text, software, video, charts and others in the software and corresponding services belong to the Company and the relevant right holders, and are protected by law. The user may only use the content under the authorization of the Company, and shall not reproduce or use the content in any other form without authorization.

Article 4 User notice

4-1 in order to guarantee the user experience, the company will strictly test any traffic violation by the user taking up, or any improper operation, including but not limited to the account abnormal flow and etc. If the Company monitors and identifies the above-mentioned improper operation behaviors taken by such users, the Company has the right to temporarily or permanently ban the illegal IP according to the severity of the behaviors.

4-2 Any other software derived from the Software that is not developed and officially released by the Company or authorized by the Company shall be illegal. Downloading, installing and using such software may lead to unpredictable risks, and all legal liabilities and disputes arising therefrom shall have nothing to do with the Company.

Article 5 revise of service terms and service system

The Company has the right to modify the user agreement when necessary. In case of any change, the Company's user agreement will be prompted to modify the content on the important page. If you do not agree with the changes, you can cancel the network service. If the user continues to use the software services, he/she shall be deemed to accept the changes in this user agreement. The Company reserves the right to modify its service system at any time without notifying the user.

Article 6 User’s rights and obligations

6-1 User has the right to enjoy the internet technology and information services provided by the Software, and has the right to obtain technical support, consultation and other services. Please refer to the relevant product introduction for details of the services.

6-2 User commits that he/she will not use technology or other means to damage or disrupt the Software website or other cooperative websites.

6-3 User shall respect the intellectual property rights and other legal rights of the company and other third parties; The company reserves the right to terminate services and the right to claim compensation for any infringement of the software intellectual property rights by the user.

6-4 Normal use of VPN services provided by the company will not lead to IP ban. The company will not be responsible for the number ban and loss caused by user's violation of service standards or frequent IP changes caused by using other accelerators.

6-5 User commits that he/she will comply with national and local laws, industry practices and social ethics when using the Software services, and will not use the services provided by the Software to store, publish or disseminate the following information and content: any content (information) that violates national laws, regulations and policies; Political propaganda and/or news information in violation of state regulations; Information relating to state secrets and/or security; Feudal superstitions and/or obscene, pornographic, indecent information or information that incites crime; Gambling with prizes and gambling games; Information that violates state policies on ethnic and religious matters; Information that hinders the security of Internet operation; Information that infringes on the legitimate rights and interests of others and/or other information or content that is harmful to social order, public security and public morality. At the same time, the User promises that it shall not provide any convenience for others to publish the above information content that is not in accordance with national regulations and/or this user agreement, including but not limited to setting URL, BANNER link, etc. The user acknowledges that the company has the right to terminate the service provided to the user when the user violates the above mentioned behaviors, and the user shall compensate for any loss caused to Whitehat VPN due to the above mentioned behaviors.

6-6 Users may use the software in accordance with this agreement on the premise of complying with laws and this Agreement. User has no right to perform any of the following acts, including but not limited to:
(1) Log in to or use the company's software and services through third-party compatible software or system not developed, authorized or approved by the company, or use plug-ins not developed, authorized or certified by the company for the company's software and services;
(2) Delete any copyright information and content on the software and other copies;
(3) Reverse engineering, reverse assembly and reverse compilation of the software;
(4) Without the prior express consent of the company, unauthorized use of the software related information, including but not limited to the following behavior: use, lease, loan, copy, modify, links, reprints, compiled, publishing, establish mirror sites, unauthorized use of the software to develop related derivative products, work, services, plug-ins, plugins, Internet, etc.
(5) Conduct any behavior that endangers computer network security, including but not limited to: using unauthorized data or accessing unauthorized servers/accounts; Accessing a public computer network or another person's computer system without permission and deleting, modifying or adding stored information; Without permission, conduct or attempt to conduct exploration, scanning, testing of this software system or network weaknesses or other activities that may undermine network security; Conduct or attempt to interfere with or disrupt the normal operation of the software system or website, spread malicious programs or viruses, and other activities that may disrupt the normal network information services; Forged TCP/IP packet name or partial name;
(6) Other use of the software and other services provided by the company in any illegal manner, for any illegal purpose, or in any manner inconsistent with this Agreement;
If the user violates the above agreement, the company shall have the right to terminate, completely or partially suspend, or completely or partially restrict the use of the software.

6-7 User shall be fully responsible for all liabilities arising from users' illegal use or violation of this Agreement, which has nothing to do with the company and its partners; If the company, its affiliates, and partners suffer losses as a result, the user shall make compensation. At the same time, the company shall have the right to take measures including but not limited to discontinuing the use license, stopping the services, restricting the use, and investigating legal liabilities without prior notice to the user according to the nature of the user's behavior.

Article 7 Software’s rights and obligations

7-1 The company shall provide user with qualified network technology and information services according to the services that are selected by users.

7-2 The company commits to keep user’s information confidential, not to disclose user’s information to any third party, and not to authorize any third party to use user information, unless:
(1) In accordance with the terms of this Agreement or other service agreements, contracts, online terms and other provisions between the user and the company;
(2) It shall be provided in accordance with laws and regulations;
(3) Administrative, judicial and other competent departments require the company to provide;
(4) The user agrees that the company shall provide it to a third party;
(5) The case is submitted by the company to solve the report and bring a lawsuit;
(6) required for the company to take necessary and reasonable actions to prevent the occurrence of serious illegal acts or suspected criminal acts;

7-3 The company has the right to use user’s data under the rules of the Privacy Policy.

7-4 The company reserves the right to terminate the services provided to the user and terminate the user account in the event that the user violates the provisions of national or local laws and regulations or violates the terms of online registration, and in no case shall the company be liable for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages.

7-5 It is the company's consistent policy to respect the privacy of user's personal privacy information. The company will take all reasonable measures to protect user's personal privacy information. Please check the Privacy Policy.

Article 8 Installation, use, upgrade and termination of software

8-1 User shall become a user of the software after carefully reading and accepting the terms of this agreement and completing the corresponding installation program. The user agrees and understands that the user may use the software and the services provided by the Company only on the condition that the user complies with all provisions of this Agreement.

8-2 The company reserves  the right to provide user with the software to modify, upgrade version at any time.  After the release of a new version of the software, the company does not guarantee the continued availability of the old version of the software.

8-3 Upon prior notice to users, the company may modify software functions, interrupt or discontinue software-related services according to actual business needs. If the company has notified the user in advance, the User agrees that the company shall not be liable to the user or any third party for any loss caused to the user by such behavior.

8-4 After becoming one of users of the software or service provided by the company, users shall comply with the anti-spam resolutions made by the company from time to time, and users promise that they will not use the services of the company to conduct any behavior involving spam, and including but not limited to the use of the software server to send spam; The user sends the spam mail containing the software server or IP address related information; User-owned websites that sell spam services such as mailing lists, email address search software and mass email mailing software; The spam mails sent by users contain contents or information such as their domain name information in the software, which may cause national and international anti-spam organizations to think that the software or the user of the software are related to the spam events. The user understands that once a spam event occurs, the software and all users will suffer irreparable huge losses. Therefore, the company will immediately stop providing any services to the user if the user is found to have any behavior involving spam. The company has the right to cancel the software membership of the user involved in the spam event and reserves the right to claim for damages caused to the company by the user involved in the spam event.

Article 9 Dispute Resolution and Applicable law

The execution, performance, interpretation and dispute resolution of this agreement shall be governed by the laws of England, excluding all other conflicts of law. Any disputes (including but not limited to contract disputes or other property rights disputes) arising from the content or performance of this agreement shall be settled by both parties through friendly negotiation. If no agreement can be reached through negotiation, both parties agree to submit the dispute to the competent court at the place where this Agreement is signed.

Article 10 Legal Liability and Force majeure clause

10-1 User agrees to be fully liable for any claim, demand or loss by any third party arising from user's breach of this agreement or any other valid terms of this agreement and to hold company and/or its affiliates and partners harmless from any liability.

10-2 User understands and agrees that the risks arising from the free choice to download and/or use the software and all third party software provided with or through the software are at user's own risk. Users shall be fully responsible for any damage to the computer system or loss of data caused by downloading or using the software and such third party software.

10-3 The company shall not be liable for any loss caused by force majeure. Force Majeure referred to in this Article shall include: Natural disasters, the laws and regulations or the change of government instructions, specific reason for web services features such as overseas failure of basic telecom operators, computer or Internet related technical defects, coverage of Internet restriction, computer virus, hacker attacks and other factors, and other legal not within the scope of which is unforeseeable, unavoidable and insurmountable objective conditions.

Article 11 Supplementary Provisions

11-1 If users have any comments or suggestions for improvement on the Software or the services related to the software, they may submit them to the Company. Please note that if you do so, you will also grant us and third parties the right to use and add your opinions or suggestions to the Software and other software provided by us free of charge.

11-2 If the relevant terms of the agreement are deemed invalid by the authority, it shall not affect the validity of other terms, the interpretation of this agreement, the liability for breach of contract and the validity of the relevant provisions on dispute resolution.

11-3 Due to listing, acquisition, merger with a third party, name change and other reasons of the Company, the User agrees that the Company may transfer its rights and/or obligations to the corresponding recipient of the rights and/or obligations of the Software.

11-4 The Company's failure to exercise, timely exercise or fully exercise the rights provided in this Article or in accordance with the law shall not be deemed as a waiver of such rights, nor shall it affect the Company's exercise of such rights in the future. 

User hereby reconfirms and guarantees that it has fully read and understood the above User Agreement and voluntarily entered the Software to be bound by all the above terms.